Amber Flag Activities

Daily Mile with a smile :) 

The children are preparing for 'World Daily Mile' day which takes place on Thursday, April 27th. They have been training hard every day to run, jog or walk for ten minutes. 

Amber Flag 

Our Amber Flag Notice Board to promote Friendship in the school! :) 

Amber Flag Committee 

Our Amber Flag Committee will meet once a month to discuss and organise the Amber Flag goals for the year ahead. They will work towards promoting positive mental health in the school :) 

'T and B'

The Amber Flag organised a very successful 'T and B' morning for the whole school. We gathered in the halla for some tea or hot chocolate, biscuits and a chat. It was a very enjoyable morning. 

A big thank you to the Amber Flag for promoting well-being in our school.