The Arts

Back to School Art in Kilkea 

Some of the beautiful art work from the pupils this September. 

The pupils experimented with lines, patterns and colour in their art activities.

Credit Union Art Competition 

Just some of our very talented and creative entries for the Credit Union Art Competition. The theme this year is 

'It's a Wonderful World' 

Halloween Art 

Room 3 have been busy creating beautiful galaxies using pastels for Space Week.  They are used lots of autumn colours to design their own hedgehog :)

Clay Creatures

The children in Room 2 were busy this month making a variety of clay creatures. The children really showed their creative and imaginative skills.

Halloween Treats

The children really enjoyed decorating some cookies for Halloween! They made lots of different spooky ghosts and zombie treats! 

Sock Toys in Room 3!

We had a lot of fun in Room 3 as we all made our very own sock toy! This activity emphasised individuality and gave us a chance to look at and talk about different materials used to make toys. 

We all agreed that the elves are extremely talented and creative toy makers! 

Firework Art

The children enjoyed making firework display pictures in Art this month. They used lots of colours to fill their dark skies! 

 January Art Creations in Room 1

The children made some interesting things in Art this month. They made name tags for their bedrooms and clay birds and nest. Have a look at some of their work :)

St. Patrick's Day Arts and Crafts

The children were delighted with their St. Patrick's Day hats in preparation for the parades. They did a fantastic job!