Science Week 13th November - 20th November

Outdoor learning with some minibeasts!

Room 1 really enjoyed working with a partner and exploring the playground for some mini beasts. Once they found the insects they used the pooter to get a better look. They found lots of different insects and even created their own little space with twigs and grass for them to roam around before releasing them back into the wild. It was lots of fun!

Science Week 2022

Science Week was jam packed with fun experiments! The children from Junior Infants to 6th class carried out many investigations and experiments throughout the week and on the Friday we had a lovely science showcase of their hard work. Well done everyone! Please take a look!

The pupils in Room 1 showcasing their experiments, 'Rain in a Jar', 'Magic Worms', 'Magnetic Coins' and 'Spectacular Soap'!

The children made some wonderful parachutes also. They had great fun trying them all out on the yard.

The children in 4th,5th and 6th were busy all week making their own cars out of recyclable objects. They enjoyed having races against eachother.

Here are some of  the children in Room 2 explaining their 'Egg in Vinegar' experiment.


Room 2 were set a task to create their own car using recylable objects from home. They create some very impressive vehicles! 



Room 2 - 'The finale'


Water Glass Xylophone

Can you recognise the song?? 

The children in 2nd and 3rd class carried out an array of experiments, 'Sugar in Our Drinks', and  'Water Glass Xylophone'. They did a wonderful job presenting their experiments.

Here are the children in Room 2 demonstrating their 'Walking Water' experiment.

Science Week Fun!

Check out some of the action from Science Week in Room 3!

Science Week Fun!

Check out some of the action from Science Week in Room 2!

Take a closer look at some of the science experiments that the children did in Room 1. They worked hard and had fun in the process.