STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

STEM project: Build a nest for the birds 

The children in Room 3 worked in groups to gather materials, plan together and build their own nest for the local birds. There was a lot of critical thinking and problem solving for our final product. They were very creative and imaginative in their designs. 

Sound experiments!

Room 3 loved learning about sound as a form of energy. We listened outside to record the different sounds that we could hear. The pupils had lots of fun creating their own cup phone using a string and two cups. We also made our own paper plate shakers. 

Density Experiments 

In Room 3, we used honey, maple syrup, dish soap, water and oil to explore density and create our very own 'density tower'.  The children had lots of fun and were fascinated by the results!

Sink or float?

We predicted, investigated and explored density with our floating and sinking experiment. 

We also managed to make a paperclip float using a glass of water, a piece of tissue and a paperclip! 

Natural or Man-made materials

The children in Room 1 went exploring outside looking for natural and man-made materials! Fun was had by all :)

Space Week

The pupils in Room 3 enjoyed learning about the phases of the moon for Space Week! 

They used Oreos to show the different phases. While they had fun exploring with the phases of the moon, there were lots of smiles when they got to eat the spares! :) 

How to make a salt volcano

All you need is a jar, water, oil, food colouring and salt to create your very own salt volcano. 

The results looked like our very cool!! 

The pupils did a great job explaining the results in their own words. 

 Static Electricity Experiment

The children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First  class were learning about static electricity. They had great fun trying to make tissue ghosts move in the classroom! It was a spooktacular experience!!

Rising Water Experiment

When you lit the candle, the heat warmed up the air in the jar. The hot air expanded, which led to higher air pressure.

When the candle went out, condensation formed at the top of the jar, and the air in the jar cooled. The air in the jar dropped in pressure because of the reduction in temperature, which caused water to enter the jar to equalize the pressure.

Baking in Room 3

The children in room 3 have been covering weight in maths this week. On Friday we enjoyed putting these skills to work and baking our very own cupcakes! 

They were delicious! 

Kinetic Energy Experiment

The children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class were investigating how to make domino chains and how kinetic energy was formed.

Tin Foil Boat Experiment

The children in 2nd and 3rd class made tinfoil boats and carried out an investigation to see how many coins their boats could hold before sinking. They had an extra challenge to drop a ball into the water to create a stormy sea effect. They had lots of fun :)