Fourth Class

Fifth Class

Sixth Class

The children in Room 2 got involved in Science Blast. Their question was "What happens when we add salt to water?"  

The children completed geography projects and presented them to their class.                                                                                                        

Easter Art

Lá Fhéile Pádraig


This model is showing us how our lungs work! The balloon at the bottom works like your diaphragm—a strong muscle that expands and contracts to cause your lungs to fill with air and then empty out again. The movement of the balloon matches your breathing – when you breathe in, your lungs fill with air just like the balloon inside the bottle did. That’s because the diaphragm expanded making room for air inside the lung. When you breathe out, your diaphragm contracts (or squeezes in) pushing all the air out of your lungs. 

We joined author Anthony Garvey by Zoom for a Creative Writing Workshop .

He explained to  us the top tips for writing a great short story.  We all wrote our own story using all the wonderful tips we received.

halloween Fun

Maths Problem Solving with IZAK9 Blocks

Working with clay - Creating clay pots - after learning about Mexico and exploring Mexican pottery Room 2 created their own piece of pottery.  They designed their pot first and the following week they decorated it.

Pop Art from Room 2 - During literacy Room 2 was reading about different artists and art movements. The tried their hands at Pop Art and made these beautiful creations.

Working with Fabric and Fibre - Fabulous creations from Room 2 they were given the outline of a person and they could only use fabric, scissors and glue.  Excellent work Room 2.